“The brand is built on another indispensable component”

Farah Bourogaa is a pret-a-porter brand established in 2018 and relaunched in 2021. The studio has been created as a tribute to my mother Dunia, the muse behind every part of the design process, creation, business management and every intricate detail there is to building a brand.

Farah Bourogaa is built on the essence of breaking boundaries of societal limitations especially within the fashion industry where women are addressed and boxed into categories upon shapes, sizes and looks. Therefore, our brand’s most vital direction is to create and include as many women as possible through a wider range of sizing and above all pre-eminent materials. In addition, the brand is built on another indispensable component, a fair and ethical supply chain where all our pieces are made by teams of women, family factories that necessitate support. It is our aim to secure spaces for as many talented people within our own supply chain where humane conditions of work, fair pay and appreciation are principal elements. Moreover, the brand is founded to become 100% eco-friendly, hence why our pieces are made of real materials with long shelf lives.

Lastly, Farah Bourogaa is not only a Pret-a-porter brand, it is home to our Besat bags, our delicate bags made out of asfahani silk carpets to represent our arab heritage.