Girl Power

Like air, l’ll rise

voiced by the late distinguished civil right activist, writer and singer Maya Angelou are words to live by. I personally believe that individuals have the power to overcome adversity and pursue greatness regardless the occurrences. Furthermore, in what was called a male-dominant world we usually give little attention to women, being the minority in communities, yet, we do not know the power within us. Thankfully, we live in an era where women are beginning to take on leading roles although we’ve always been the nurturers and teachers preparing generations and leading them into bright futures. Therefore, it is very important that we understand the strength of our own device and become the bosses regardless of the roles we decide to take on. We are born to rise. 

Always look up to the women around you, support them and let them be your drive to success. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and your vision.

My biggest inspirations are my late mother and my sisters.

They have been the closest vision of what strong women are made of. Each at different ages, blossom womanhood into their own meaning. It is truly not a being of resemblance, oppositely, the more different we are, the more beauty is seen and known in our distinctions. Further, this has changed my own perspective on how the fashion industry works, it was always about creating great pieces produced in masses to uniform all of our beauty into one and discriminating many women by different labels and strict sizes. Yet as of now, through the spectacles of the revolution in the fashion industry, big brands, new faces and the makers of this diligence started to incorporate the vision of

“All forms and shapes of beauty”.

Moreover, this phenomenon has been rising in the western world more than in our oriental side therefore, with my brand, my team and I would want to shed light on bringing all terms of this evolution in fashion notwithstanding of weight, height, color, shape or form to our middle-Eastern world and be part of the globalization of it since we believe


Lastly, my mother has always been my muse,

her style was the epitome of fashion in my eyes. Even my earliest memories of her, recall all the sublime outfits she put on and her love for standing out, creating outfits, drawing the most beautiful croquis. Thanks to her, my love for fashion grew as I grew older and the most important part of it all is she taught my sisters and I to love our bodies and ourselves the way we are, embraced our young foolish styles, different personalities and our love for life. You can say that fashion runs through my blood and my family just like my grandmother who was an extraordinary woman with a roaring style. 

Finally, I would like to dedicate all my work to my mother, Mama Dunia.