Dunia saison I

We are Dunia

Long ago, when I dreamt of creating pieces, I dreamt of how it would be worn, by who and where. I dreamt of how they would move on each person, how the wind would make the fabrics sway. It all came to me like an epiphany, all women should wear beautiful pieces they love, regardless of how society boxes us.

I am very proud of this first collection, this video and all the hard work continuously put in.

It all seemed to be a fantasy, a set of hallucinations far from reality.

To every woman watching, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are you and there shall never be a replica of you, the magical you.

This video is dedicated to all women, to our sense of being, the different states of mind and ventures we go through daily.

Whether you are the girl, the woman, the mother, the professional, the life of the party, the still self-discovering, the embodiment of experiences, the whatever you would like be or are, you hold the strongest set of symbols, XX.



You are the inspiration, to me particularly.

May we always lead by love, beauty, strength, empathy and every part of our being.


We are a world of our own.

We are Dunia.