The brand is a creation of Farah Bourogaa. An inspired young Tunisian-Kuwaiti designer who’s love for fashion led her to found this company turning her dream into reality. She received her baccalaureate from the Lycée Français de Koweit, a French system-based school. Throughout her school career, she managed to learn five languages due to the education that her school offered.

Because of this, she was inspired to discover and adopt cultures unlike her own, motivated and encouraged, she travels the world in an effort to satisfy her curiosity. Farah combines her love of fashion with her fascination with cultures to create ideas that eventually turn into croquis.

Farah has six siblings, all younger than herself. After the passing of her mother in January of 2011, she decided to take the lead of her life and eventually start a fashion line, something she had been enthralled by as a young girl. Now at twenty-one, Farah is gratifying and materializing her long-lived dream of creating her own line that would serve all different types of women.


Farah’s strong belief in embracing one’s taste and creativity in her sartorial choices led her to design unique pieces inspired by distinctive cultures, eras, and personas.


Farah Bourogaa’s main focus is to fabricate clothing that will be dissimilar but also attract women of every body type and will break the stereotypical restraints that exclude women from buying clothes they love.

It is our primary task as a brand to make certain that every woman feels beautiful in our garment. Along the way, Farah and our team will ensure progression and upwards development to give our clientele a paramount experience.
We are not here to create a clothing line.
We are here to create a movement.