Dunia Saison 2

To my “Dunias” Winter is truly one of the most captivating times of the year, at least to me. It has a magical sense that every being feels when enthralled by its winds, early sunsets, warmness despite the plunging degrees.

Moreover, winter reminds me of my favorite holidays, a time of gatherings, a time of cozying up around a table filled with home-made dishes and above all reminds me of my favorite girls get-together.

That being said, every woman invited or hosting, shows up in her best attire, adding a little touch to her natural beauty and as metaphoric as it sounds, women remind me of winter,

how without us, the world would not have the balance of softness and strength, mellow and toned, hearty and crazy.

Hence, I decided to align in my designs what it is like to be a woman or winter. You will be able to see it through the contrasting colors, cuts and silhouettes, hidden pochettes and reversible pieces.

Dunia saison II is dedicated as always to every woman,especially when you feel like the world could go on without you, when you feel like you are taken seriously or loved the right way, however remember, the world is nothing without you, a woman, just like our Dunia is nothing without winter, it is a balance in which you dominate. Be it.

We are the heartbeat of every life, givers of life,
the strength of it, the cold of every hot layer and beyond...

Love, Farah