At Farah Bourogaa, we are always looking to minimize our impacts on the planet, our communities, our homes and hope our consumers do the same, hence, since the beginning of our trajectory, we began to test our understanding of how we could possibly create a brand englobing all these notions.

Therefore we set our values as the essence of all our activities, beginning at the thought of creating the piece, to the conceptualization, the entire supply chain all the way to the consumer and the end of life of the products we offer.



Sustainable Star

As the champions of authenticity and sustain- ability, we thrive off an entire supply chain that is all about ensuring equal pay, real and raw material, great work environment and integrity in every single phase, from the planning all the way to the delivery of the pieces.


We value openness and clarity between our clients to help them fully understand the value they are buying into. The value of the brand itself, the pieces, and the quality put in for them so they can have that special piece. The supply chain procedure is made open to showcasing the details of the entirety of the process. Because transparency is a thread to everything else, it allows you to see what is for you and what isn’t.


We value communication because everything begins with articulating ourselves in a way that allows us to attract the right people to work with us, grow with us, build with us, share our passion, mission and vision and above all, deliver to the right people who will wear it all with satisfaction, pride, and understanding of the value that it took to create pieces that live on forever.


Being the forerunners of diversity and inclusivity in the field of fabric, it matters to us that despite the differences, you are able to carry yourself and your differences as a sign of strength. Of your history, where you come from, who you truly are, your people, your background. It’s intriguing to learn about others because it allows you to become more intelligent. It’s the basis of humanity. We take pride in not having anyone feel left behind. Everyone is welcome at Farah Bourogaa, where talent meets its family.





Our People

All the people working under the roof of Farah Bourogaa, creating your pieces are part of our small community we created at the base of the brand when it was just a concept, today we know what each person is talented at, which part of the pieces they’re responsible for, what they execute and above all, how much love they pour into the production of our dreams. In addition, we ensure that whatever factory we work with is either a family heritage where each person is taken care of on a wage basis, or a healthy and safe work environment. Otherwise, 56% of our people are women which makes us a company that has a majority of female partners, as they are our partners in creating this dream.






Besat Bag Factory Even though the Besat bag is a creation of Farah Bourogaa, the assembling of it happens in a beautiful family factory based in Lebanon, founded in 1980. Today it houses various regional brands and works closely with all the artists and designers while being very transparent.

Heels Factory

The factory we work with is based in Lebanon. It was founded in 1965, hence being a generational passed down love for the craft. Today it has seventeen workers, of which 3 patronistes.

Clothing Manufacturers

All the people we have worked with to create our pieces are based around Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt and Spain. Each thread is known to us, in other words, at Farah Bourogaa, we know who created each piece and how it was done exactly, all under the eyes of our team. Each manufacturer catered to our needs no matter the difficulty of fulling some of the pieces, in addition, all their talented workers were known to us.

Packaging Manufacturers in Egypt

We had the honor of working with a social organization that houses women and teaches them skills while making sure they have the proper conditions of work and above all, stability and wages that can enable them to be breadwinners. Everything they do is done ethically, the materials are all organic, while all the craftsmanship is taught by masters. No trace of any plastic or any non-organic product.


Material Sourcing

At Farah Bourogaa, all materials are 100% organic, unless they’re upcycled. We focus mainly on denim, pure silk, Swiss cotton, Asfahani carpets, velvet, real leather, pure wool and upcycled parts such as buttons and zippers. Most of our pieces are handmade.


Product Life = Long Shelf Life/Passable

As part of our dedication to be transparent and as ethical as we possibly can be as a small brand, we make sure to provide you with the best quality materials turned into pieces in order for you to be able to use it as many times as you desire and surely pass it down to your loved ones. A piece’s long shelf life is always our main goal, it reminds us of our own stories and surely our loved ones.


End of Life

At Farah Bourogaa, every piece has a long shelf life, however if there is a chance of its coming to the end of its life, we would love to hear your suggestions on how we could recycle them or even get them back at our factories and reuse them for you!


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